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using archaeology and apologetics to teach the Bible

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Developing confidence in the Word


We develop fiction and non-fiction for individual,  church, classroom and homeschool use. 


We us archaeology and apologetics in our Bible studies to stress the accuracy of the Bible and for developing confidence in God's Word.


Check out our Store to find books that  teach, entertain and inspire.



.We are  in the process of turning our live presentations into training materials. Contact us for more information on those or if you are interested in a presentation of one of our Bible studies for your church or school chapel.


We also have teaching tips compiled by teachers  for our homeschooling friends here, and help for Bible teachers here.


We are also developing teaching videos for students of Dee's writing courses. Check the blog for updates or email us. In the meantime, here is a link to  our writing tips.

" We call you prosperous and your ministry thriving!" 

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