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Countries In The Bible: Who They Are Today is a look at the Middle East in biblical and modern times. Written from a Christian perspective it outlines the history of the region, prophecies fulfilled and those expected to be fulfilled. Illustrated maps.

Paperback $18.99. Ebook $9.99. Amazon reviewer:

This was a great book, well written and PACKED with information. Great perspective and well researched!

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This is a homeschooling study of how November became a month to honor Native heritage. Easily a month's worth of activities or multi year. Learn the history behind Native American Heritage Month and experience Native culture. Teacher guide included. Grades K-12. Adaptable for classroom or co-op use. $15.97


For the curious and those desiring to be more confident in why they believe. Is Jesus God? explores the validity of Jesus' claims to be God. Contains 5 lessons: Why Is Jesus' Deity Important?; Verifying Jesus' Claim To Be God; The Cross The Final Word; A Handbag of Philosophies.  Junior High School- Adult. $9.99


Courageous Motherhood by Dee Farrell. A study of the life of the woman God chose to be His mother. Individual or group use.  112 pgs. $9.97

The story of a young woman's struggles in the Michigan Territory. Nominated Michigan Notable Author. Christian Historical Fiction. Preview is of the ebook.  Paperback  $14.99. Ebook $9.99


Amid braves, chiefs, spies and soldiers, a young French woman must hold her own to stay alive. Adelle Chaboillier risks everything to obey her God but the decision plunges her into the heart of a dangerous conspiracy involving the French forts and Native American tribes. Preview is of the ebook.  Read a review here.

Warrior Heart by Dee Farrell. After the French and Indian War is over, an Irish lieutenant arrives at Fort Detroit only to find the battle for his life has just begun. Nominated Michigan Notable Author $21.99

Jesus Coming King is a brief study of end time prophecy, what to expect and how you can prepare for Jesus’ coming. You will discover: • what the Second Coming is • scriptures that foretold it • why Christians expect it soon • what the rapture is • prophecies that have been fulfilled in preparation for it • prophecies yet to be fulfilled • God’s general timeline • overview of Revelation • steps to prepare yourself for Jesus’ coming. $5.99


Abram, an old man married to a wife who couldn't have kids, went around introducing himself as Abraham the father of a multitude. Crazy? His servants probably thought so.

But they didn't snicker behind the boss' back for long.

Within a year, the hundred year old man and his ninety year old wife were the ones laughing.


Impossible. That is the word that continues to describe Abraham. Scholars have long thought his life was only myth, a legend to give Israel a past. Even Christians have reduced the story to fable, trying to reconcile his life story with scientific claims propped up by anthropology and evolution.

The critics are firm: there is no archaeological or historical evidence to support the biblical account of Abraham.

But their foundation has cracks, and new discoveries are widening them.

In this book you'll learn about the discoveries that are changing scholars' minds and confirming the truth others have always believed. It's an account that is getting harder to mock. The truth is, Abraham shows us a time we didn't know existed and the God who rewards those who dare to take Him at His word.

Appropriate for Jr. High to Adult. Paperback 230 pgs $14.99  E-book $5.99

One customer said, "This book Abram to Abraham was fantastic. It provides so much information, that I had no idea was out there.The narrative throughout this book has helped me discover so much more about Abraham and how the people lived in that day. It has deepened my understanding of Gods word." -Sarah
Here's what The Old Schoolhouse Magazine had to say:
Noah is both professionally researched and written. Those whose belief system mirrors the authors will appreciate the depth of research and the detail presented in this time period.


It is the ultimate survivor tale.

One man and his family are the only people alive on earth after a magnificent disaster. It is the stuff of fables. A boatload of animals and four men and four women are the source of countless species and billions of people.

But it is more than an adventure, and surprisingly it is not a fable . This is Noah’s life story as the Bible and the ancients told it.         Paperback  $ 12.99


I'd recommend this book for pre-teens wanting to learn all about Noah and the flood. I would also recommend this book to any adult who wants some in-depth information about this man Noah who built an ark against all odds. 5 stars.    - R. Adauto, Goodreads

... the editors of the book have done much research  Anyone interested in reading about the ark, the flood stories told around the world, ancient Bible history, Mesopotamia, the Nuzi Tablets, the Sumerian King List, the mysterious Tower of Babel, and the Uruk Expansion, as well as recent DNA and language studies, will find Noah to be fascinating reading. 5 stars.  -Wayne S. Walker, Homeschool Review Blog. 5 stars


As someone who is well familiar with the biblical and historical account of Noah, “Noah” was a highly enjoyable read. 
Presented almost like a literary documentary, the author traces the textual, historical and archeological narrative surrounding Noah, his family, the global flood and the Babel generation. With fresh insights and references to recent scholarship on the matter, the book serves as an excellent reminder for those familiar with the material and as an introduction for those not so familiar with the content

                                                                                                                                                                   .- Stephen A. Davis, Author 4 stars



I really enjoyed reading this book. It is packed with information regarding creation, the flood and how the science and archaeology ties in with these events. Noah is simple and to read. One of the things I was most pleased with was the variety of topics of evidence briefly touched on which made me want to explore these topics further. Many books tackle perhaps a couple of specific areas, however Noah looks into various areas, albeit briefly regarding creation, dating, differing world-views/evolution. Noah is a great springboard in this sense, however, Noah is a great read in and of itself which delivers when wanting to learn more about the bible and the Noah account.  - Nicky Bullimore, Goodreads


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