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  • Assyrian Rock Carvings Discovered

    Last fall, 3,000 year old Assyrian rock carvings were unearthed in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The discovery is an important one and a long awaited triumph. The stones were first seen in 1970, surveyed in 2012, but then were hidden before ISIS moved in. After Mosul was cleared, archaeologists got back to work. They believe Sargon is depicted on the relief with the gods and goddesses of Assyria. Sargon is mentioned in Isaiah 20:1. Why just once? The real question is why was he mentioned at …

  • Why Your Church Needs Apologetics

    Many Christians shy away from sharing their faith because the person they talk to may reject them. It's a possibility, even for those experienced in evangelism. Just ask Todd White.

  • Egyptian Mummy DNA Supports Biblical History

    A recent study has solved a 200 year old mystery. Well, only one mystery which then led to another the experts will probably never solve.

  • What The Rise Of Atheism Really Means

    Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without religion? 

    I say religion and not God because I'm including all polytheistic and monotheistic forms of worship. In 2015, a Psychology Today article quoted a study by Ariela Keysar and Juhem Navarro-Rivera which found there are about 500 million atheists worldwide. It went on to say that is about 7% of the global population. 

  • Jesus and Saturnalia

    This time of year the internet is full of memes accusing Jesus and Constantine of hijacking the traditions of Saturnalia, an ancient festival honoring the pagan god Saturn.

    But Christians in northern Africa were celebrating Jesus' birth in December before Constantine was emperor. Perhaps because Jewish tradition stated great prophets were born in December.

  • The Surprising Legacy Hidden in the Christmas Story

    Christmas can be a difficult time if our focus turns to the godless hustle and bustle and we lose the meaning and purpose behind all our activities. Advice is plastered everywhere in November and December on reducing stress, simplifying, streamlining and embracing imperfection. Good advice, considering the first Christmas was anything but 2019 perfect.

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