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    Why We Should Live What We Preach


    Christians are strange. At least I thought so as a teen. Now, after I’ve been one for thirty plus years…yeah, Christians can be strange.


    I used to work in a town with a lot of transplanted southerners. They came to work in the car factories. You could always tell they originated from the south even if they didn’t have an accent by the way they stressed the first part of words.


    DEE-troit is not an original Michigander pronunciation. We say de-Troi(t) never really sounding the last t, a left-over from the French, perhaps. But then, these women were from TINNessee, a place we call tennaSee.


    They told me I needed JEEsus and REEvival. I didn’t argue the Jesus part. I didn’t know what a revival was, however, and I was sure if they had it, I didn’t want it.


    I wasn’t being completely prideful. I knew I wanted to be closer to God. It was just that these people could turn their Christianity on and off like a switch. I was in no way a candidate for sainthood, but I knew more of the Bible than they thought I did. I felt uncomfortable under their pointing finger, but not compelled to accept their invitations.


    I was struggling with trying to figure out a purpose for life. I never saw a link from their words and actions to the questions I was searching to answer.


    Thank God that He will put people, books and verses in your path that will speak to your need.


    Years later, I found myself in a church teeming with southern transplants, and I felt completely at home. It is funny what true commitment produces. Jesus is authentic. He had strong words for those that misrepresent His message, but His grace extends to all of us.


    So if you’ve ever wondered if Jesus is real, if His claims are relevant for you today, here is my advice: skip the small stuff, the excuses you can make–legitimate or not– and go right to the source. Say, “Jesus, if You are real, show me.”


    I am so thankful that I started that conversation, and accepted His invitation.



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