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    The Good in Good Friday


    Today is Good Friday in the United States. Good Friday is a day that Christians around the world acknowledge with a deep sense of gratitude. It is the day that Jesus, the Son of God, the Messiah and Son of Man, died a brutal death for anyone willing to believe in Him. It is our choice to accept His work for us. It is truly a gift offered by the One Who is Love. His life and death is the way to receive mercy, peace and abundant life. 

    It is hard for those who to choose not to believe the evidence of His life and teachings about Himself to understand that there are spiritual laws active on the earth  in the same way natural laws (the law of gravity, for instance) are active. The spiritual law concerning God Friday is about blood.

    Why is Jesus’ blood so important? The Bible states that there is no forgiveness of sin without the shedding of blood. (This refers to the relationship between man and God.) Why all the gore? The animal sacrifices in the Old Testament were like Sin Exhibit A: forgiveness costs a life. They pointed to the lasting sacrifice God would make Himself that would do away with all other sacrifices and efforts to get to God. But only He could do it.

    Man had forever sealed his fate with the sin of Adam as all men were cursed from that day on. His life, his health, his thinking were tainted— his very blood, for according to the Franklin Institute, blood is the fluid of life, health and growth.

    As the only one perfect, God was the only candidate to give us a new life through sacrifice. Jesus came to earth as a man, and yet He was God. He had no earthly father, a very important detail to God, a miracle to us. 

    Jesus’ blood saves because it is the perfect sacrifice. The color red is symbolic of life and power and has been since ancient times. The shed blood of Jesus, beautifully scarlet, is full of life and power to those who receive it. 

    Amazing Grace is a song about the change brought about by accepting Jesus’ sacrifice to save one from his sin. Webster defines grace as ease and elegance of movement; favor; goodwill; virtue; postponement as of a penalty; divine favor. God defines it as all the above except it is not a postponement of the penalty but a pardon, and He gives it to us without us deserving one drop.

    Jesus is the way God expressed grace. We are saved through grace by faith the Bible declares. Salvation, the forgiveness of sin, is a free gift for anyone who will take it. Salvation includes the forgiveness and mercy and an abundant life. It is not something we deserve but something God wanted to do for us. We are left to wonder why. The only answer is God is good, and for whatever reason, He loves us beyond what we can imagine. That is amazing.

    If you are curious about the evidence for Jesus’ life, death and resurrection check out Is Jesus God?

    If you’d like to know more about salvation check out the free downloads here.


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