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  • Understanding Faith So You Can Move Your Mountain

    Check out a video from our book Understanding Faith.

  • Are You Defeating Giants or Allowing Unbelief To Rule?

    I've been listening to a song lately. It's on loop while I make meals, wash dishes and do laundry. It says I am going to see a victory. The first line says, "The weapon may be formed, but it won't prosper."


    Just words you may think. It's a nice idea, but the circumstances are overwhelming. Actually that's been said before. A few times.

  • Blessed to Receive!

    I wanted to share with you a personal story. When my husband got sick we prayed and believed God for his healing. It was a brief struggle of victories and defeats. When he passed away it felt like robbery. We did not understand. God’s word is true. All of it. The parts about answering prayer. The parts about saving, redeeming and delivering. On a hot August day, I sat on my patio and cried. Understanding began to dawn as the Word, opened on my lap, pointed to the truth. I failed. My husband fail…

  • When Enemies Are Really Friends

    True friends are hard to come by. But in Matthew 8 and Luke 7 we see a host of them.

  • Do You Have Enough Faith to Walk Through Water?

    When the Israelites stood watching Pharaoh's army advance, they melted in fear. Surrounded by desert and faced with the sea, they began to doubt. Freak out may be a better visual. But God already had a way of escape planned. They just needed to do what He said. Move on. Years later when Joshua stood on the banks of the Jordan at flood stage, he told the priests carrying the ark to step into the water. Rushing water met their eyes and ears but faith in God's command moved them to put both feet…

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