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  • Christians: 3 Signs Your Identity Has Been Stolen

    In 2017, one person out of fifteen was affected by identity theft. In 2018 the number had increased and the crime became more sophisticated as data breaches exposed social security numbers. But there is an identity theft Christians are experiencing and few are aware of it.

    If you are a born again Christian, here are three signs your identity has been stolen.

  • The Spirit That Conquers Fear

    As a disciple, Peter had his issues. Sometimes he spoke too much. Sometimes he spoke when he just should’ve kept quiet. He was bold, but sometimes without thinking. Or, even understanding. 

    Critics called him a Galilean, which he was because he was from the west coast of the Sea of Galilee. But they weren’t criticizing the location. Galileans had a reputation for being simple, rough, independent and blunt. Their northern accent was even considered harsh.

    Peter was not a cultured man 

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