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  • Ancient Pigs Point to Noah

    Noah is thought to be a man of myth and his life story concerning the flood a bogus creation story. But discoveries in anthropology, archaeology and zooarchaeology have produced some interesting evidence for Christian believers. A recent article on the American Schools of Oriental Research website discussed the origin of ancient pigs. The article supports evolution but take a look where they've found the earliest pigs. It is in the region of Turkey and near the Syrian border, the area where some…

  • Assyrian Rock Carvings Discovered

    Last fall, 3,000 year old Assyrian rock carvings were unearthed in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The discovery is an important one and a long awaited triumph. The stones were first seen in 1970, surveyed in 2012, but then were hidden before ISIS moved in. After Mosul was cleared, archaeologists got back to work. They believe Sargon is depicted on the relief with the gods and goddesses of Assyria. Sargon is mentioned in Isaiah 20:1. Why just once? The real question is why was he mentioned at …

  • Egyptian Mummy DNA Supports Biblical History

    A recent study has solved a 200 year old mystery. Well, only one mystery which then led to another the experts will probably never solve.

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