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  • What About Genesis 12: Is It True?

    You might not realize it, but ninety percent of Iran is made of fault lines. This makes Iran one of the countries with the most seismic activity. The World Atlas listed Iran third in its article about countries with the most earthquakes. 

    You also might not know that Iran is full of interesting archaeological sites for Christians...

  • What an Eight-Year-Old Knows Might Astonish You

    I am sure that any 8 year old would think you a moron if you lined up four crayons, red, green, yellow, blue and told him all the crayons are red. He would answer, correctly, “No they are not.” But someday his teacher will instruct, “They are if you think they are.” This is education. You see you may think you know something, beings you have lived awhile and have experience in the things of life. Not so. Come to find out, it’s all an illusion. Nothing is real. This is also education. Don’t …

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