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  • Deception: A Sign of the Times and a Reason to Praise; Really

    When He was asked about the signs for the end of the age, Jesus said, "Watch out that you are not deceived." He warned against being deceived five times in Matthew 24. So, we may conclude that deception is one of the signs.

  • What is Your Popcorn #Praise ?

    Have you ever heard of popcorn #praise? It’s when your pastor or ministry leader announces that you can, by turns, stand up and briefly give God praise for something He is doing or has done in your life. It carries the effect of kernels of popcorn popping up. Today my popcorn praise may sound weird, but I am praising God for spare sump pumps and for teaching me how to install one. To explain, when my husband passed, he took with him the knowledge of sump pumps, septic tanks, generators, elec…

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