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    Researcher Discovers Israel and Judah May Not Have Descended From One Nation

    Two papers recently published by research fellow Mitka R. Golub supports the historicity of Bible names during the time of Jeremiah and the inscriptions detailing them.

     But, and we must remember The Jerusalem Post is a liberal news source similiar to The New York Times or The Washington Post, the article about Golub's discoveries points out the Bible may not be telling the truth about the kingdoms of Israel and Judah.  " ...her [Golub's]  studies also shed light on cultural differences between the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah that seem to contradict the scriptural tale, which sees them as two entities descending from one nation."  

    While this aspect of the article may not be the main news, it is inserted for a purpose and we cannot let it pass without comment now can we? Especially since it doesn't hold water. 

    The article goes on to state,  "This observation is consistent with other findings by the scholar revealing different cultures between Judah and Israel, as well as that the biblical account seems to reflect more closely the Judaic tradition than the Israelite one."

    The real problem is not a biblical contradiction but biblical illiteracy or a lack of understanding concerning the Northern Kingdom called Israel. 

    If you've read the Old Testament account of the united and divided kingdoms of Israel, then you know the Northern Kingdom did adopt a different culture than the Southern Kingdom of Judah. They decided to worship the gods of other nations and took on their culture and values. In other words, they walked away from their native culture and religion. It was the reason for their downfall by the hand of Assyria. 

    Unfortunately, Judah would do the same later, and it was Jeremiah, among others, who documented their takeover by Babylon.

    In no way does Golub's research contradict what the Bible teaches about the two kingdoms. You can read the article here. 

    Image by Tyler Nix courtesy of Unsplash


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