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  • How To Continue To Hope In God's Word When Storms Chase You Down

    Are problems swirling around you, threatening to suffocate you in chaos? Take a look how Jesus handled a day full of trouble. It is a blueprint for us to use today.

  • Did Abraham Really Have Camels?

    Here is a fun question to ask if the conversation lags at your next get-together.

    Did Abraham really have camels?

    In Genesis 12:16 Abraham was given camels by an Egyptian king. “The king was good to Abram because of Sarai, and Abram was given sheep, cattle, donkeys, slaves, and camels.” Later Abraham's servant takes ten camels from his flock and heads out to get his son Isaac a wife. The problem is scholars believe camels were not domesticated in Canaan until much later.

  • Does God Answer Prayers...Fast?

    The answer according to the Bible is yes. But a few things depend on you. Maybe even someone else. Let’s talk about you first.

  • Will God Answer the Prayers of Unbelievers?

    The quick answer is yes. And no. It seems to depend on the unbelief of the unbeliever.

  • Does God Answer Prayer?

    Many people want to know if God answers prayer. You can Google the question and a hundred different ways to ask it pop up. Three main questions emerge:
                   1. Does God answer prayer?
                   2. Will God answer the prayers of unbelievers?
                   3. Does God answer prayers fast?

  • How To Experience True Peace

    I am like a puzzle with a missing piece. I can’t fill that spot with just anything…anyone. It is a distinct shape, a face, a voice, a smile, a laugh that is needed. But it is okay. I still function as me.

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