• Coming Soon: From Abram To Abraham Study Guide

    This study guide will be a companion to the book From Abram To Abraham. It was written to help you get the most out of the information contained in the book and to provide a curriculum for those who need one. It includes devotions, activities, opportunities for further study and questions to strengthen learning. Answer keys are provided. For more formalized learning there is a suggested assignment schedule and tests for each chapter. Two pathways to learning, guided or independent, are offer…

  • Luke's Account of Jesus' Birth: Gutsy Historian or Fake News Contributor?

    When you read Luke's gospel you realize right away this guy isn't fooling around.

  • Which Came First: Paintings of the Nativity or of the Magi?

    There are a couple Rembrandt paintings that made news in 2021.

  • Please Pray...

     We talked about this before but please continue to pray for Native/First Nations women. This is an informative video on the problem. Please share it with people who will pray. Thank you Mark Martin and CBN for being obedient to God's voice to bring this out of the shadows.

  • How Accurate Is Our Nativity Scene?

    Last year many communities were fighting for the right to display a public nativity scene. Why the opposition if it is a fairy tale tradition on the level of Santa Claus?

  • Was Jesus born in the Bethlehem located in Galilee?

    You may have never heard of it, but there is a Bethlehem in Galilee situated between Haifa and Nazareth, actually about four miles from Nazareth. Some historians and archaeologists believe this is the town where Jesus was born and not in the Bethlehem south of Jerusalem which is over ninety miles from Nazareth.

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