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  • Researcher Discovers Israel and Judah May Not Have Descended From One Nation

    Two papers recently published by research fellow Mitka R. Golub supports the historicity of Bible names during the time of Jeremiah and the inscriptions detailing them. But Golub has also found what she thinks is a biblical contradiction.

  • Results of Ancient DNA Research Dead Sea Scrolls

    Scientists question the accuracy of ancient DNA taken from archaeological sites since it is contaminated by decay and elements like bacteria. But researchers recently decided to test the skins on which some Dead Sea Scrolls are written to try to identify their source of origin. The results may help to piece together their mystery.

  • Coin Found in Jerusalem Promoting Israel's Freedom

    Recently a 2,000 year old coin found in Jerusalem from the Bar Kochba revolt era has been revealed to the public. The inscription on the coin is interesting. On its face it reads "Year Two of the Freedom of Israel” and has a cluster of grapes. The back side depicts a palm tree and says Jerusalem. The coin is unique because it is the only coin found so far that is connected to the revolt and has "Jerusalem" on it. Of course it is important that it was discovered near the Temple Mount and City of …

  • America and China: Is God Essential?

    Here in America many ministries have actually increased their influence during the quarantine through the internet. China appears to be afraid of the same thing happening in their country.

  • We Are More Closely Related Than First Thought

    Have you had your DNA tested to find out your ancestry? I have and there were a couple surprises- like Middle Eastern traces in the mix. Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson is a creation scientist studying the human genome. His research has led him to conclude we are more closely related than we think and the world is a lot smaller than we thought. You can listen to his first lecture here on the Answers in Genesis channel. I highly recommend his lectures along with our book Noah which talks about the Uruk Exp…

  • Ancient Pigs Point to Noah

    Noah is thought to be a man of myth and his life story concerning the flood a bogus creation story. But discoveries in anthropology, archaeology and zooarchaeology have produced some interesting evidence for Christian believers. A recent article on the American Schools of Oriental Research website discussed the origin of ancient pigs. The article supports evolution but take a look where they've found the earliest pigs. It is in the region of Turkey and near the Syrian border, the area where some…

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