Is There Archaeological Evidence for Old and New Testament Events?

    Rarely does the average person get to talk to a Bible believing archaeologist. I wanted to share this video with you because Sean McDowell is interviewing pastor, archaeologist and author, Joel Kramer.


    Kramer points out what most people do not understand: biblical archaeologists are archaeologists who may or may not believe the Bible. Most do not. He also talks about the same things we talk about in our books. Mainly that biblical archaeology does not support the Bible. On the contrary, the Bible supports it because the Bible explains what archaeologists are looking at when they dig it up.


    The Bible is the standard to interpret the science, but at the same time, the Bible will stand up to scrutiny because it is truth.


    As the video tells, archaeology is limited in itself. Very little has been discovered, 1% Kramer says, and of that even smaller portions have been translated and made public. So the Bible skeptics' mantra is there is no evidence, but as Bible believing archaeologists like Kramer explain, "It is a miracle how much evidence we have from what little we've discovered!"


    Without the Bible there would be very limited knowledge of ancient archaeology.


    This is an excellent video, and I hope you get a chance to watch it. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and share the post with someone you think would be interested in it.


    Image by Bethany Laird courtesy of Unsplash.


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