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    How to Live A Well Thought Life

    It has been said by numerous studies that today’s young adults are more educated and less happy than previous generations.


    Their unhappiness is understandable considering that their college degrees do not guarantee them a job. US News reported November 13, 2014, that the average college debt neared $30,000, and for some colleges it was closer to $50,000. I’d be unhappy too if I had to try to pay that off while working at Burger King.


    But finances are the tip of the iceberg. Advancing self trumps a community spirit. We are evermore living in an individualistic culture whose values are less likely to be family-oriented or affiliated with party politics and organized religion. We are living the euphoria of a society whose truth is whatever it wants it to be. An anything-goes-attitude is the flip-side of indifference. And that indifference added to a frustrated compulsion to be successful must come at a price because anxiety and depression are highest in this generation.


    Sad. Sad because God has offered us a life of abundance, abundant peace and provision– not necessarily riches. The quality of our lives and relationships is the most important thing we can build. How we build determines our satisfaction. It is important to think through how we are going about it.


    What do I value? Is what I am doing now, and who I am with  reflect those values? What is real in my life?


    How to live a well thought life begins with the idea that truth exists. It is comforting to know that some things never change. You can depend on it, trust in it, no matter what philosophy tries to replace it. It exists to sustain and nurture you. God is truth. His word is truth. His ways are truth.


    You may be wary of the person sitting near you at the café, your date, the pastor behind the microphone, the politician spewing promises and the cable repairman, but– you can trust Jesus’ words to you. He asks us to taste and see that He is good and promises to bless us when we run to Him. (Psalm 34:38) He cares about us.


    Another aspect of a well thought life is considering your purpose. Why are you alive? You are more than cells and plasma. You have worth to God, and He created you for a reason with skills and insights that go way beyond a paycheck. Scratch the words more and most from your vocabulary. Instead of comparing trophies and net worth, analyze value. View failure as a second chance, or third, or fourth. Success in God's definition is a process.


    Think quality and surround yourself with it. Quality in relationships, work, activity and entertainment. Achievement is only as good as its meaning. And when you know what it means, you can set out on your journey.  


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