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    How To Know God's Will For Your Life

    A Christian needs thoughtful pauses.

    Abraham heard God’s word to him. After his father, Terah, passed away we read, “Now the Lord had said to Abram…” (Genesis 12:1 NKJ), and Abraham obeyed (except that Lot was not left behind?).

    God would talk with Abraham several times. It is written that “Abraham called upon the Lord.” They had a relationship, and Abraham knew what God wanted to do in his life.

    During one conversation recorded in Genesis 15, Abraham tells God his heart’s desire to have a child, and God assures him that he will have one. Did Abraham run to tell his wife Sarah? Did he keep these precious promises hidden in the depths of his hope?

    We do not know. But one day– Chapter 16– Sarah presents Abraham with a solution, an answer to his prayer. To the human eye, to the yearning heart, to one relying on their own wisdom and discernment, it seemed like a good idea.

    Enter the need for a thoughtful pause.

    Abraham did not know how God was going to deliver the answer to his desire. Asking God if Sarah’s idea was the way to go would have been the wise way to proceed.

    But we’ve all done what Abraham did: forge ahead in well-meaning ignorance. And we, like Abraham, probably paid the price.

    Knowing God’s Will is a free resource we’ve put together to help you take those thoughtful pauses in life. Click on the image, and it will take you to our resource page. Follow the directions for the free download.


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