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    Fashionable Christianity

    My daughter wants purple hair.


    I cringe at the images swirling behind my raised brow of gaudy strings of livid color. My mother’s mantra of understated elegance has been drilled into my head since birth. Her own look never strayed from natural hair, moisturizer and red lipstick. It must have worked because before she married my father she was never in want of boyfriends.


    I strayed from this model of perfection in my teens– strawberry blonde streaks and purple eyeshadow  followed by my Marilyn McCoo phase– but returned to it in my late twenties. I discovered Mom was right. Now despite drilling the same mantra into my daughters, my youngest has decided to leap into today’s faddish fashions, bleaching and dying her way to her own model of perfection. She sees her friends and wants to join them; I see split-ends, broken, fried hair.


    Am I stopping her? No. But something else stews in my thoughts. I am uncomfortable. I do not live in an urban setting. Weird haircolor is reserved for old women with lavender or bordeaux covered gray. No teen in my church has purple hair.


    Why does someone’s choice of haircolor stretch my idea of Christianity?


    I am wrestling over the answer. I associate things outside Christianity with purple hair, I guess. I am wondering what else will squeeze through, unwanted, with the purple hair.


    Thus, I have realized something about myself that I don’t know what to do with. I am one of those believers Paul talks about in Romans 14 who wouldn’t eat meat offered to idols.


    Is my faith weak? I never thought so before. But it wasn’t my kids with psychedelic hair.


    In all this intellectual hashing I’ve discovered something else about myself: I have a lot of hang ups experience. I know by experience that strawberry streaks and purple eyeshadow was not my best look. I know that my daughter is beautiful as she is, and people will judge her by appearance whatever fashion craze she follows. I know that classic beauty as well as classic Christianity is good taste. But all this I had to learn.


    I am uncovering the wisdom of Romans 14:22 which is directed toward Christians with opposing convictions, “So whatever you believe about these things, keep between yourself and God.”


     And what is classic Christianity? It outlasts and reaches beyond all societal, cultural and fashion trends. It focuses on the basics. Do you believe that Jesus is God? Have you asked Him into your life? Are you reading the Bible and obeying what it says to do?


    If you can sincerely answer yes to those questions, then whatever your ideas about haircolor, “we can accept one another, just as Christ accepted [us], in order to bring praise to God.” Romans 15:7 NIV 


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