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    Egyptian Mummy DNA Supports Biblical History

    A recent study has solved a 200 year old mystery. Well, only one mystery which then led to another the experts will probably never solve.


    The mummy of an Egyptian woman named Takabuti from the 25th Dynasty shows evidence she was murdered. Stabbed in the back to be more precise. Among the many unique aspects of Takabuti's mummy is her proposed DNA. It seems she is genetically related to Europeans. 


    This discovery only adds to previous findings that ancient Egyptians were closer to Europeans than Arabic people. In 2017 CNN reported on a published study from the Max Planck Institute that stated Egyptians were closely related to ancient people from Anatolia and Eastern Mediterranean Europeans. The article said the results "have turned years of theory on its head."


    The results do not upset the Biblical record, however. It supports what the Bible has to say about Noah and his descendents settling regions and building cities. For more about what is called the Uruk Expansion, you can check out our book on Noah here.


    Photo by Obed Hernández on Unsplash


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