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    #DowntonAbbey: Where Can We Go When

    the Sun Sets on Our Fleeting Dream?



    #Downton Abbey is almost over. I can’t believe I’ve been watching a nightly soap opera for so long. But I loved it!


    My daughters and I phone, text, message and re-live over coffee the week’s show. What on earth is going to replace Lady Mary on Sunday night?


    I had no idea I would like or come to need that time in front of television or computer to get my Abbey fix. I, just like the Israelites slaving away making bricks in Egypt, was unaware that something wonderful was waiting for me.


    The Israelites suffered in Egypt for 400 years until they cried out to God, and He delivered them. Deliverance from slavery was wonderful, but God had much more in mind for them. He wanted them to be His people. He traveled with them in the form of a cloud. His presence was with them everyday first in a cloud, then in the Temple.


    One day, however, God left them. It is important to realize that they left Him first. They chose to follow other religions, other laws and cultures. God tried to warn where this life choice would lead, but they didn’t listen. They thought their way was wiser.


    Soon they mourned the loss of His Presence and help. But God is mercy and love. This time He came Himself to free them from a life of slavery to sin. Jesus promised never to leave them.


    The Israelites lost what they didn’t know they needed, and some have found it again, better than ever before.


    His offer extends to us. His presence is as close as your asking Him to come near to you.



    I have no idea what will replace the Crawleys in my life, but I know there is nothing that will replace my relationship with Jesus. That is a promise Jesus made to me. He will never leave, never let me go.


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