Do You Have Enough Faith to Walk Through Water?


    When the Israelites stood watching Pharaoh's army advance, they melted in fear. Surrounded by desert and faced with the sea, they began to doubt. Freak out may be a better visual. But God already had a way of escape planned. They just needed to do what He said. Move on. 

    Years later when Joshua stood on the banks of the Jordan at flood stage, he told the priests carrying the ark to step into the water. Rushing water met their eyes and ears but faith in God's command moved them to put both feet in, to commit, and once they did the water stopped flowing, and they too crossed on dry ground.

    The thing I’m learning about faith is that it is crazy scary. It seems to make no sense— at least to my senses.

    When I read that the Israelites crossed over the sea on dry land, I failed to understand the danger surrounding them. But now I see it in my mind. The Pharaoh and his army is behind them. It is too late to turn back. The water is a wall on either side. This is not the gentle flowing rain sound of water that is created by water fountains or the “rain wall” at a restaurant or doctor’s office. It is an ocean of water being held back. Unless God quieted those waters, it may have been more like a roar. In any case, it was big and scary looking. But it was an awesome miracle.

    Stepping into a river at flood stage? I can't swim. The thought, the sight, the sound would terrify me because even good swimmers drown in swift currents.

    And that is the point. God made a way through even with danger on all sides. When we say He will make a way where there is no way, this is what I think of, this lone dry path, though to all our physical senses, danger, impossibility, lurks on all sides.

    It makes no sense to start walking into an ocean or a rushing river and expect to continue walking unless God told you to do it.

    Right now I am walking into my ocean. I have resisted the fear, continue to resist the fear, and I am trusting God’s word to me. My hope is in Him alone to make a way though dangers seem to stare me down. Faith in God and in His word is the dry path under my feet. His love and mercy are my wings.

    What ocean are you about to enter? Perhaps you have walked safely through and have encouraging words to share for those of us who have just put both feet into the water? We’d love to hear from you.


    Image by Austin Neil Courtesy of StockSnapi.o


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