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    Do You Embrace Life's Challenges Positively?

    My two-year-old grandson, JT, tries to line up his matchbox cars on the arm of my sofa. One truck continues to roll off. He tries twice, then starts an indiscernible conversation with the truck that sounds oddly like a Curious George monologue. Finally, anger and a meltdown follow.


    It is hard not to laugh. But then I remember my own meltdowns over things beyond my skill and understanding, and think God probably looks at me like I’m looking at JT.


    Oh well. I wish my first thought would be, “Okay, this is another opportunity for God to glorify Himself and for me to learn something new.” Yeah, that hasn’t happened yet. It is my second or third thought. That is an improvement, believe me.


    I have meltdowns because I forget God is my strength. I have meltdowns because sometimes life seems like a sea of crises in which you ride one wave only to be overtaken by another. And then there are those verses in Psalms.


    David wrote many of the Psalms. He did not hide what he was thinking or feeling. His writings are joyful and full of hope, and angry and full of despair– in either order, depending on the circumstances. He speaks for me.


    Then there is this passage in Psalm 84 that David did not write, but he knew, and I know from experience. It describes people on a journey. They pass through a valley named Weeping where their grief is changed to blessings, and they are strengthened.


    As they pass through the valley of Baca, they make it a source of springwater; even the autumn rain will cover it with blessings. They go from strength to strength…

    Psalm 84:6-7 HCSB



    Notice the words they make it a source of springwater. For me that is my attitude and what I decide it will be; what will I focus on? The waves hitting me, or the God who will deliver me? It gives me hope that their tears were first, the decision second.


    I help JT park his truck next to the orange sports car on my sofa. I know God will help me with whatever wave comes next even if it comes in the form of hibernating tree frogs. (Don’t ask.)


    I know He wants to help you with whatever trial is threatening to overcome you. Take a deep breath. Wipe your tears and make the decision to invite Him into your valley of weeping.


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