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    CRT and Wokeness in the Church: Jesus Unites

    This is addressed to those who really want to make a difference. Don't buy into a false set of principles and philosophies marketed by men (Colossians 2:8) or align yourself with idle babblings preached by false prophets (2Timothy 2:16-17) that only address the surface. If you authentically desire to speak healing to a hurting world, point it to Jesus. His message satisfies those willing to hear Him out. He's been discriminated against, wronged and killed for who He was and what He believed. But it was what He came to do. For every one.


    Jesus is the person who knows you. The real you.



    Christians are criticized for not understanding the needs and values of the culture around them. They become irrelevant because of their lack of understanding or inability to communicate Jesus' love to a spiritually starving people. They are irrelevant. But to those who so feel our world's pain and need that they lower Jesus' message to accommodate sin and brush over the obvious consequences of living in it are also irrelevant because they offer no solutions to the pain they so sympathize with.


    These Christians left one ditch to fall into another.


    Sympathy pats the shoulder and cries alongside its victims. It is only a starting point because if the only answer is to acknowledge with like emotion, then you are putting a band aide on a gushing artery bleed. You will never touch the root of the problem which is an identity crisis. They are operating in the grasp of evil and hoping for the fruit of Jesus.


    To those who tell me what Christians are, what they say and what they've done, I ask, "Yes, but do you know who Jesus really is, what He really says, and what He's already done?"


    We cannot let an unbeliever determine true Christianity by error or by the nuts out there. There are true believers from every tribe and nation who are not focused on color but heart, the same one we all have that hurts and needs. I've listened to a few of these believers. They start with love and preach the standard. They are doing their best to improve the lives- spiritual and physical- under their influence.


    I have heard it said that to focus on the past is not to deal with the present or set a course for the future. But to focus on the past is also not to see what has been accomplished and how it has benefited us or moved us forward.


    This is just as true with your salvation as it is in society. If you are a confessing Christian and do not realize you belong to a new nation without social status, gender or ethnic delineations (Gal. 3:28), you are propagating a different gospel, one that is irrelevant. It will not accomplish peace or success. Unless a person is valued for more than these identities, they will never be truly loved. Jesus loves you for who you are just because. You don't need to be anything; you just need to be. That's not ignoring the haters. It is freeing the captives.

    Image by João Rafael courtesy of Unsplash.


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