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    Coin Found in Jerusalem Promoting Israel's Freedom

    Recently a 2,000 year old coin found in Jerusalem from the Bar Kochba revolt era has been revealed to the public. The inscription on the coin is interesting. On its face it reads "Year Two of the Freedom of Israel” and has a cluster of grapes.

    The back side depicts a palm tree and says Jerusalem. The coin is unique because it is the only coin found so far that is connected to the revolt and has "Jerusalem" on it. Of course it is important that it was discovered near the Temple Mount and City of David, but that is not what is interesting to me.

    What I think timely is the reference to the freedom of Israel. While Covid saturates the news, you may have forgotten about Israel's annexation of the West Bank, an area including Jericho, Hebron, Shiloh, Bethlehem and Jerusalem. That is to be happening in the next few weeks. Certainly good news for Israel and one more rung on the ladder for their freedom to rule the land God gave to them. Click the links to read the articles.


    Image by Ryan Moreno courtesy of Unsplash


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