Blessed to Receive!

    I wanted to share with you a personal story.

    When my husband got sick we prayed and believed God for his healing. It was a brief struggle of victories and defeats. When he passed away it felt like robbery. We did not understand. God’s word is true. All of it. The parts about answering prayer. The parts about saving, redeeming and delivering.

    On a hot August day, I sat on my patio and cried. Understanding began to dawn as the Word, opened on my lap, pointed to the truth. I failed. My husband failed. My whole family failed. We have never comprehended the truth God laid out in His word, by His works and His death on the cross.

    I know that many of you will disagree with me as I tell you the rest, but I want you to realize I would have too...before.

    We prayed; we fasted; we believed. What we never did was receive. 

    We kept asking. We kept knocking. We kept pleading with God. My husband said, “If it is God’s will for me to go, I accept it.” But he wanted to live longer.

    During the next three weeks, my husband saw Jesus. His mind changed, I think. And that is ok. I don’t blame him. But why didn’t our prayers work?
    Because we wasted our time begging when we should have practiced praising God and receiving.

    It has been four years since my husband was promoted to heaven. I am not the same person. I made a decision to totally immerse myself in God’s word and Spirit. I’ve learned a lot. We all have.

    A couple months ago my grandson, Creed, developed a baseball size mass on his neck. This time we didn’t plead. God’s will is to heal. Salvation includes healing. The Greek word is sōzō. We did pray. We did lay hands on him. But here is the miracle working part: we received the healing as done. We stood on God’s healing scriptures, speaking them over little Creed during the day like we were administering medicine.

    There is much more to say, but here is what I want to stress: we didn’t hope for the healing to come. We believed he already had it. The Word [Jesus] was manifesting in Creed’s body not the illness.

    Within a week it was smaller. In two it was pea-size. Today he will tell you Jesus healed him. He is three.

    This has changed all of us. We hope it will inspire you. If you are believing God to heal your illness, don’t beg. Receive. If you are a born again believer in God, receive.

    A big thank you to all our church family in Michigan and Texas, Pastor Tom, Sarah, Patricia and Matthew Lopez, Andrew, Debra, the Superkid Staff, Pastor John and all the rest. Praising God!



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