Are You Defeating Giants or Allowing Unbelief To Rule?

    I've been listening to a song lately. It's on loop while I make meals, wash dishes and do laundry. It says I am going to see a victory. The first line says, "The weapon may be formed, but it won't prosper."


    Just words you may think. It's a nice idea, but the circumstances are overwhelming. Actually that's been said before. A few times.


    And those are not just words. They are Spirit and they are Life because they are God's words. They reveal His intent toward us. They are power.


    The Israelites got into trouble because they didn't trust the power of God's words. They failed because they misjudged His character. They didn't have Jesus as their Savior. They didn't understand they had an enemy named Satan. Job asked the question, "If God hasn't done this then who?" (Job 9:24)


    But they did have God's word and His character. For some it was enough. Like Caleb. Like Joshua. Like David against Goliath. And yes, even Job.


    America has a Goliath pitted against her. But more deadly is the giant facing the Church. There are those who are either going to believe God's word or succumb to their circumstances through faithlessness.


    Oh, the Church as a whole believes in God. They even love Him in their way. But so did the Israelites on the border of the Promised Land. So did Israel's army in their stalemate against insults and threats near the valley of Elah. (1Samuel 17) But none of them mixed God's words with faith. They had no message to inspire anyone, and they saw no victory.


    Was this really loving God? Was this glorifying Him?


    Only three men acted on God's word in those situations. Not very many, right? But they saw miracles and led a new generation to faith. Joshua and Caleb stood on God's word. They believed it and were ready and willing to act on it. James tells us this is true faith. (James 2:17-18)


    Caleb's story is inspiring. He was defeated by majority rule but God saw him and set him aside. Forty years later, Caleb asked for the very battle that brought his defeat the first time: giants from the hill country. He won.


    And we could win too if we have the same words in our heart as Caleb. "Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it."  And Joshua. "Only rebel not ye against the LORD, neither fear ye the people of the land; for they are bread for us: their defence is departed from them, and the LORD is with us: fear them not." (Numbers 13:30; Numbers 14:9)


    Our enemy isn't Covid. It isn't political. It is unbelief.


    God has made victory available. He has invited us to it, but it is our responsibility to respond. Will we choose to walk into the water and trust Him to part it? Will we see the defeat of our enemy as their systems of deception fall apart like Pharaoh's chariots?  Will we walk meditating on His word and see impenetrable walls fall down?


    Or will we bow to the forces arrayed against us and choose their wisdom over God's? If we do, we will be ruled by Babylon and have no excuse to complain about our bondage.


    Some day that will happen to the world. But not on the watch of those charged to be the faithful. So let's not try to stone the Joshua and Calebs of our day. Let us join them in speaking God's words to tear down strongholds and threats that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God. Then we need to act like God's word is true because it is.


    We have been given the authority to trample over all of Satan's works. We have a Savior. We have God's word, and that Word lives in us. Greater is He Who lives in us, than he who is in the world. We will see a victory because God is with us.


    This is why we do what we do here at Flying Eagle. We want you to be confident in the truth and reliability of God's word and we want to inspire you to good works done in faith in Him.


    We want to influence people to faith. If you like our material, share us with your friends. We want to get the word out: God is good and He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.


    Image by Timothy Eberly courtesy of Unsplash


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