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    Ancient Pigs Point to Noah

    Noah is thought to be a man of myth and his life story concerning the flood a bogus creation story. But discoveries in anthropology, archaeology and zooarchaeology have produced some interesting evidence for Christian believers.

    A recent article on the American Schools of Oriental Research website discussed the origin of ancient pigs. The article supports evolution but take a look where they've found the earliest pigs. It is in the region of Turkey and near the Syrian border, the area where some of the earliest settlements have also been discovered. The area is southwest of Mt. Ararat where Noah landed in the ark.

    You can read more about the biblical significance of this area in our books NOAH and From Abram To AbrahamYou can find the article here, and one about  Hallan Çemi here.



    Photo by Kenneth Schipper Vera on Unsplash


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