America and Israel's Iron Dome

    Christians have debated America's role in endtime events. A recent decision may have ended the debate.


    America has played a huge role in endtime events, for good and for bad. Take Israel for example. We have armed Israel's enemies, then helped Israel become a strong power in the Middle East- recognized as a leader among foreign nations- and now we are back to emboldening Israel's enemies. America is at best their schizophrenic friend as far as our political parties go.


    Perhaps, and I pray it isn't, time for the U.S. to abandon Israel to its enemies, but a recent decision in the House to cut funding to Israel for its Iron Dome is a contradiction of the promise made to Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid. US House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer assured Lapid that the House was in favor of passing the funding and the cut was due to "technical difficulties." 


    But part of those technical difficulties were House members who are consistently and passionately anti-Israel. To show their anti-Israel bias, they are willing to withhold Israel's ability to defend its citizens, even the Palestinians living there or the Muslims in Tel Aviv, against Hezzbollah and other Iranian backed forces. Some Israelis are seeing this as betrayal in a prophetic light


    The issue of funding Israel's Iron Dome is now a separate defense bill planned for a vote later, and Hoyer is confident it will pass. But Christians need to pray. The anti-Israel sentiment is getting louder, and some, not all, are in favor of arming Israel's enemies while preventing Israel the means to defend itself.


    There is still the matter of reconsidering Iran's nuclear program. Those talks will be happening soon,  and may be another eye opener to many in America of its current suicidal policies to befriend its enemies. Or maybe it is just an anti-Trump response? Either way, it is not working well for them domestically or on the foreign stage.


    How America's leaders respond to these upcoming bills and agreements is related to America's future. God has established a precedent for individuals and nations in a covenant that says those who bless Abraham will be blessed and those who curse him will be cursed. Abraham's grandson Jacob inherited this promise, and Israel is Jacob's children and thereby Abraham's too. For more on the history of Israel read Countries In The Bible: Who They Are Today.


    Part of apologetics is understanding how God works. Some wonder if Israel is even relevant today. The Bible assures us it is central, that God will never abandon them because He loves them as a nation and a people chosen to carry the news of His grace and favor to a lost world. Are they perfect? No, but one day as a nation they will embrace their Messiah Jesus as their Savior and King.


    The amazing thing is we will witness this dramatic scene in the future of heaven's realm. But until then, we pray for them, we stand with them. They face enemies in a way Christians never will. One day they will face them alone, or so it will seem. (Ezekiel 38) But God will be their ultimate Protector. You can read more about that in our book Ezekiel.


    It is our responsibility as Christians to support Israel as a nation. Without them, we wouldn't have a Savior or an Old Testament or a New One. In love we pray them through their trials because there are the faithful of theirs who stood so we, the Jews and Gentiles who make up the Jesus' followers called Christians, could believe. This is why, Rashida Tlaib, you do not speak for me.


    A few years ago, I heard a young Jewish boy hauntingly sing the song Keshalev Boicheh about a man standing alone as his heart cries silently to God. In fact, the thumbnail on the video warns us try not to cry ourselves. One day it may express Israel's heart as a nation as their enemy threatens but they stand alone. I would like to tell them, "Have no fear, Israel. Your God is strong to defend you, when no one else can."


    It is a beautiful song. I hope you watch it with God's love for Israel in mind. Here is the video, and here are the lyrics if you cannot see them:


    When the heart cries only God hears;

    The pain rises out of the soul.

    A man falls down before he sinks,

    With a little prayer he cuts the silence.

    Hear Israel, my God you are my everything; You are the Omnipotent.

    You gave me life; You gave me everything.

    In my eyes there are tears; my heart cries in silence,

    And when the heart is silent, the soul screams.

    Hear Israel, my God I am all alone now.

    Make me strong, my God, so I will not be afraid.

    The pain is great and there is nowhere to run.

    Make it end, for no more strength is left in me.

    When the heart cries time stands still.

    All of a sudden, the man sees his entire life passing in front of him.

    To the unknown he doesn't want to go.

    He cries to his God as he stands on the edge of the deep.


    Update 9/23/2021

      Hoyer's confidence was not misplaced since the funding was passed despite the radicals of his party. Analysts say the damage is already done, however, and some Israelis have taken note. You can check that out here. Please continue praying for America. It really is at a prophetic crossroad, but I believe good things are coming, praise Jesus.


    American flag image by Charles Duck Unitas; Israeli man praying at wall image by Dave Herring. Both images courtesy of Unsplash.


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