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Formatting and General Editing Questions


Would you like a professional critique of your manuscript,  short story or blog post?


We accept clean fiction and non-fiction. We do not accept work containing sexual content, illicit, graphic, fantasy or child abuse material.




Send 3 page overall synopsis and the first three chapters or 60 pages total. If sending a book proposal include a cover letter to the editor, short and long pitch, and a market comparison sheet. Critique includes comments on plot, characterization and dialogue, grammar and punctuation. Suggestions will be offered but no corrections will be made. Author will receive one or two page comment sheet. Proposals include appropriateness for publication.




Send a chapter by chapter synopsis and the first chapter plus two more (your choice) but not exceeding 60 pages. If sending a book proposal send a cover letter to the editor, short and long pitch, and a market comparison sheet. Critique includes comments on clarity, organization and development. Author will receive one or two page comment sheet. Proposals include appropriateness for publication.



Short Stories

Critique on matters of style, organization, plot, unity, character development and dialogue, grammar and punctuation. Maximum 1500 words. 



Evaluation will include organization, title, opening, closing and style. Maximum

1500 words.



The Critique does not include rewriting, editing, revising, fact checking, proofreading or any advice on legal matters or contracts.


Cost for critique $70  (with proposal $90)


Cost for short stories and blog posts $40




We can only help you with the formatting we are familiar with, but we would be happy to try and answer your questions about editing and formatting for self-publishing.


We use Skype for consultations. Email questions first so we don't waste your time, and we will set up an appointment.


$20 for 30 min.

Professional Critique


By email only. Submissions must be 8.5 x 11 double spaced Times New Roman 12 pt font in Adobe pdf file.


Email to


We will email you when your critique is finished and will send it to you after payment is received. Please do not prepay.


14-30 days response time.


Submissions will be returned if guidelines are not followed.


Helpful Resources for Authors

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