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    Where Have You Put Down Roots?


    My parents lived in a border town. My mother was driven across the state line to have all her children because that’s where the hospitals were. After giving birth she returned home carting her infants never to return unless necessity required it.


    The result is all their children’s birth certificates present a different impression. It is only in seeking information about residency would the correct information be discovered.


    I thought about this while watching an episode of Finding Your Roots, the PBS show on famous people wanting to know more about their family’s genealogy. The actress featured thought she knew the place of her family’s birth and their story. It prompted her to obtain citizenship in that country.


    But the information was deceiving. They were actually of another descent and had moved to that country before immigrating to America. Their roots in that country were shallow.


    This has prompted me to wonder what defines us. Is it the place of birth or where we choose to put down roots? I’ve concluded both have their influence, but what culture I choose to identify with says more about me and what I value. Where I’m born is out of my control, but where I choose to live is my complete responsibility.


    Of course, God already knew that.


    All mankind is born into sin through the choice of our first parents, Adam and Eve. But just in case we don’t what to stay in that place, God has given His Son, Jesus, to offer us another place to live: the Kingdom.


    The Bible says that Jesus has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness and that we can live in the kingdom of light. But it’s our choice.


    If life isn’t going well for you, if darkness is all you are experiencing in your circumstances, check out where you’ve taken up residence. Maybe it’s time to move to the Kingdom of Light. For more on living a life in Jesus check out our free resources.



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