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    When God Says Take A Break

    Today the lyrics of a song are playing in my head. It is the phrase, “It may look like I’m surrounded but I’m surrounded by You,” from Fight My Battles by Elyssa Smith.

    Elijah was one prophet who had to fight a few battles. God told him at one point to hide because the rulers wanted him dead for pronouncing a famine on the land. He sent Elijah to an unlikely refuge: Zarephath in Sidon, the heart and soul of Baal worship.

    Elijah needed to be taken care of. He needed to eat. God picked out a poor widow in Zarephath for the job. In essence, God prepared a table for Elijah in the middle of his enemies. He was surrounded…but safe.

    God is in the business of providing such tables. He has prepared one for us. It is a matter of perspective. We can focus on the ruckus or we can focus on His promise to defend, guard, provide and strengthen.

    Today I’m focused on the fact that He fights my battles. I can sit down at His table. Rest. Take in the joy His presence gives because it may look like I’m surrounded. But I’m surrounded by Him.


    Here is a link to one version of the song. Let’s praise Him for providing us a table.

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