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  • Blue Moon and a Blood Moon?

    In 2018 two sets of rare blue moons are to occur, with one falling on January 31, the other on Passover March 31. The January 31 blue moon is also a super moon and a blood moon due to an eclipse on that day. It falls on Tu B'Shevat, which signals the New Year for Trees. The last time this occurred on the exact same days was 150 years ago in 1866. Trees are a symbol for the nations. The Bible speaks of a fifty year cycle of Jubilee for Jerusalem. In 1867 Charles Warren discovered the original J…

  • Ezekeiel's Vision: A 20/20 View For Difficult Days

    The setting sun paints the clouds pink, and the white trunks of birches glow against the fading grass of the field. I am driving home, my thoughts racing through memories of many such sunsets and birches. It is an ache that persists, and I know its only cure is the day I am forever home. The emotion of loss is to be wrestling with grief on some level everyday. The ancient Israelites, huddled in Babylonian cities, spent their lives looking back, mourning the way of life and the temple they lost…

  • Does Jonah's World Speak To Us?

    I have never grilled a steak. I don’t know how. I cook them the same way my mother cooked them: seasoned with salt and pepper and browned in a skillet with butter. I like grilled steak. But when the weather turns colder, my mom’s steak is the recipe I turn to. My grandmother made a pan sauce for it with cream and mustard, and I since I like my steak wet, I make that to go with it. My grandfather drizzled the sauce over his potatoes, fried or mashed, and I do this too. But tonight I have no po…

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