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Dee Farrell

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  • Stir Up the Gift of Teaching

    There were a few more leaves fallen on my on my lawn this morning, yellow, crisp and scattered among green walnuts. It is that time again. Time for school. Teachers are organizing their gathered tips, training and materials for their classrooms with expectation and fresh energy. Teachers are never done learning and polishing their craft to benefit as many students as possible. With this in mind, I want to encourage you that as Christian teachers, and this includes homeschool moms, you have ano…

  • Mistakes Every Homeschool Mom Makes

    I know because I’ve made all of them more than once. The year is still young, but some of these problems may be beginning to show. Take heart. Good teachers always make adjustments. Adding too much outside fluff. This one is tricky. If you have more than one child, life is going to get complicated. But just make sure it is a profitable kind of complicated. Evaluate sports, dance, art, music and sewing lessons, clubs, groups and homeschool events in light of your child’s interests. Here is …

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