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    Should Christians Believe Global Warming Is Real?

    The wintry weather has Trump and some conservatives doubting the reality of climate change or global warming. The debate continues with tweets and news articles. Where should a Christian stand on this issue?

    Actually, Christians should take that debate one step further. The earth is warming to its final end, a total global meltdown, and that is man-made.

    Recently I watched an episode of Nature called Artic Wolves. The unexpected violence between packs jolted me from the lull induced by the beautiful scenery and pleasant voice of the narrator. Spoon paused midway, ice cream to mouth, I sat transfixed as wolves ripped apart pups and each other in their effort to maintain territory. In one pack a loyal female, nurturing cubs not hers, was left to starve while the others ate and moved on. The mother of the cubs did return for them– as they lay around the stiff body of the female who had fed and protected them.

    The narrator read his script, but even they, narrator and script writer, struggled to explain the violent, selfish behavior caught on film. The traditional script reads man is violent; nature and all in it is pure, undefiled. But in this video the truth couldn’t be ignored: animals can be violent and uncaring too.

    The script writer struggled because the story unfolding on the screen is not the one we want to imagine. We want idyllic. We want loyal and selfless and a reward for those who exhibit those qualities. But the truer story is not the one nature lovers want to apply.

    And I am a nature lover. But I am also a Christian, and I know another story. It is the one in Genesis 3 when Adam gave his allegiance to Satan rather than God, when he transferred the authority God gave him over the earth to Satan. In Satan’s hands all that was good became evil. Adam wanted to know the difference between good and evil. Understanding came.

    Even Christians do not fully comprehend the impact this transfer of power has in the earth even today, that there is a force whose purpose is to constantly oppose and distort. For example, people who have glimpsed heaven make a common observation about the purity of light and color. 1John 1:5 says, “God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.” (KJV) When Adam chose to trust Satan and defy God, a darkness called sin entered the creation. It cloaks the earth like a veil and affects the earth’s light, the weather, the animals, man’s mind, will, soul and body. The earth we see is not the one intended.

    The Bible says the earth groans to be set free from its curse. (Romans 8:22) Curse? Yes the earth is cursed…and dying. There is no saving it. It is wearing out, and what we see are symptoms of the bigger story– the curse. One day, God will release it by destroying it with fire. Then He will make a new one. And Satan is not invited to that earth. In the meantime God has promised that it will continue. "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." (Genesis 8:22 MKJV)

    So what is a Christian’s environmental responsibility? If you have asked Jesus into your life, you have His authority to take dominion. He won it back for you along with your salvation when He died on the cross. Pray for wisdom. Pray for solutions. It won’t stop the earth from its final fire, but it will improve the quality of life now.


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