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    We are happy to announce our first downladable lesson plans for Bible study groups or homeschool use. We are offering a free preview, 5 free lessons on Middle Eastern Countries, for a limited time. Click the image to go to our home page. Find the same image and click it to receive  your free lesson plans.  For more information read this post. Please pass this along to anyone that might be interested in the lessons. 


    Are You Ready?

    On September 23, 1857, Jeremy Lanphier organized a prayer meeting for businessmen in New York City. Despite vigorous advertising, only six men attended. On October 10 of that year, the final day of the Jewish holiday, Sukot, the stock market crashed. Sukot is a time of thankfulness, and it follows Yom Kippur, a festival for repentance. As Judaism’s season of repentance and thankfulness ended, Christianity's was about to begin. Soon thousands were attending the prayer meetings, and what came to be called America’s Third Great Awakening began.


    It popped up in other cities like Chicago, Louisville, St. Louis and Cleveland. It spread to England, Ireland, South Africa, Scotland, Europe, Australia, the Pacific Islands and India. In 1858, newspapers ran articles covering the revival. It was obvious that God was at work, bringing people to Him.


    God cares for people, and He cares for nations. On October 10, in honor of Jeremy Lanphier’s prayer meeting, we’re launching our downladable lesson plans. Be watching for your opportunity to get our first set of five lessons at no charge.  These lessons cover the countries of the Middle East, their identity and history in the Bible and what God has to say about their future. This is a limited time offer.


    Downloadable Lesson Plans Are Here!


    We are getting ready to launch our downloadable lessons, but we'd like to give you a preview first. For a limited time we are offering our lessons on the countries of the Middle East, Who Are They In The Bible?, at no charge. Five lessons covering the countries, including a lesson on Who Are The Palestinians, The Religious Roots of Terrorism, and Bible Prophecies for Middle Eastern Nations. Each lesson follows the Ask and Say method, includes discussion questions and a PowerPoint presentation. These lessons are suitable for Junior High through Adult. If you are interested, you can pre-order this offer here: 

    More details coming soon. Please pass this post on if you think it helpful to someone. Thanks!


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