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  • Will God Answer the Prayers of Unbelievers?

    The quick answer is yes. And no. It seems to depend on the unbelief of the unbeliever.

  • Does God Answer Prayer?

    Many people want to know if God answers prayer. You can Google the question and a hundred different ways to ask it pop up. Three main questions emerge:
                   1. Does God answer prayer?
                   2. Will God answer the prayers of unbelievers?
                   3. Does God answer prayers fast?

  • How To Experience True Peace

    I am like a puzzle with a missing piece. I can’t fill that spot with just anything…anyone. It is a distinct shape, a face, a voice, a smile, a laugh that is needed. But it is okay. I still function as me.

  • Why You Can't "Find" Peace.

    Many times in my life I’ve fretted over trying to figure out God’s will for my life. Until. And thank You, Jesus, for the good untils of life. Until I realized God’s word is His will, and His word takes care of 98% of my questions. The critical step is taking the time to read it and understand it. By the way, His word is the Bible.

  • My thoughts on the NYT anxiety article...

    This week I published a post on fear. I also shared a  New York Times article on Facebook about teens and anxiety. Anxiety seems to be the accepted medical term. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America anxiety disorders affect “40 million adults (18-54) every year.” Fears range from general to specific, but whatever the type, it brings torment to the person involved.

  • The Spirit That Conquers Fear

    As a disciple, Peter had his issues. Sometimes he spoke too much. Sometimes he spoke when he just should’ve kept quiet. He was bold, but sometimes without thinking. Or, even understanding. 

    Critics called him a Galilean, which he was because he was from the west coast of the Sea of Galilee. But they weren’t criticizing the location. Galileans had a reputation for being simple, rough, independent and blunt. Their northern accent was even considered harsh.

    Peter was not a cultured man 

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