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    Downloadable Lesson Plans Are Here!


    We are getting ready to launch our downloadable lessons, but we'd like to give you a preview first. For a limited time we are offering our lessons on the countries of the Middle East, Who Are They In The Bible?, at no charge. Five lessons covering the countries, including a lesson on Who Are The Palestinians, The Religious Roots of Terrorism, and Bible Prophecies for Middle Eastern Nations. Each lesson follows the Ask and Say method, includes discussion questions and a PowerPoint presentation. These lessons are suitable for Junior High through Adult. If you are interested, you can pre-order this offer here: 

    More details coming soon. Please pass this post on if you think it helpful to someone. Thanks!


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    New Bible Lesson Preview

    "The word Palestine is not in the Bible. Its meaning is, however. Palestine is related to the Hebrew word, PÄ•lishtiy. It is their word for Philistine, and it means immigrant. It is first used in Genesis 10:14 and identifies them with Crete. Archeology has supported the Bible in linking the Phoenicians and Philistines with the Greek culture. These people settled mostly near the coast but migrated inland and were enemies of Israel for a long time. They are not listed along with those who were Canaanites, however, and are not mentioned in historical records after the Assyrian and Babylonian Empires conquered their cities.

    So are the Palestinians Philistines? No."

    -Excerpt from Lesson 3 Palestine ©Flying Eagle Publications 2017



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    How To Write Fiction...Coming Soon

    I will be in Adrian, Michigan to teach classes on writing fiction. Class runs every Monday night 6-8pm, starting September 18 and ending October 23. Learn the magic formula for good storytelling and how to develop yourself as an author. Novices are welcome!!  Atmosphere is re-lax-ed. Learn more by calling 517 265 1650, emailing or visiting www.   Hope to see you there!


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