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  • Where Have You Put Down Roots?

    My parents lived in a border town. My mother was driven across the state line to have all her children because that’s where the hospitals were. After giving birth she returned home carting her infants never to return unless necessity required it. The result is all their children’s birth certificates present a different impression. It is only in seeking information about residency would the correct information be discovered. I thought about this while watching an episode of Finding Your Roo…

  • Should Christians Believe Global Warming Is Real?

    The wintry weather has Trump and some conservatives doubting the reality of climate change or global warming. The debate continues with tweets and news articles. Where should a Christian stand on this issue? Actually, Christians should take that debate one step further. The earth is warming to its final end, a total global meltdown, and that is man-made. Recently I watched an episode of Nature called Artic Wolves. The unexpected violence between packs jolted me from the lull induced by the beaut…

  • Blue Moon and a Blood Moon?

    In 2018 two sets of rare blue moons are to occur, with one falling on January 31, the other on Passover March 31. The January 31 blue moon is also a super moon and a blood moon due to an eclipse on that day. It falls on Tu B'Shevat, which signals the New Year for Trees. The last time this occurred on the exact same days was 150 years ago in 1866. Trees are a symbol for the nations. The Bible speaks of a fifty year cycle of Jubilee for Jerusalem. In 1867 Charles Warren discovered the original J…

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  • Using the Most Important Voice

    E.F. Hutton & Co. ran successful ads based on the company’s reputation. The ad stated, “When E. F. Hutton talks, people listen.” Powerful words don’t you think? Two nouns, two verbs packed with meaning. Why do people listen? Because E.F. Hutton delivers. Success is inferred. If you do what “he” says you get results. The ad established authority, and we tend to respect authority, especially when it delivers the results we want. But E.F. Hutton didn’t create the formula or the principle of autho…

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