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    One Clue to Knowing God's Will


    Lots of people struggle with knowing God’s will. Skeptics ponder the goodness of God if He lets so much evil happen in the world. This uncertainty causes mistakes in our thinking and doubt in our Creator.

    First, if you want to know what God’s perfect will is, check out heaven. This is a place where God’s will reigns supreme. What do you find?  The absence of everything we struggle with like sickness, disease, poverty, evil, mayhem, etc. When Jesus’ disciples asked Him to teach them to pray, Jesus included this statement, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:9-13) Jesus wanted what He knew in heaven to be manifested on the earth. We can conclude then, what surrounded Jesus was not God’s will.

    So— if God created the world and He said it was good, how did it morph into something Jesus needed to pray over and save us from? Did God screw up? Send Jesus to clean-up the mess? Hardly. But one thing He inserted into creation was a gamechanger: free will. We have the free will or choice to obey Him or not. Adam had it. Eve had it. And one wily angel, bent on rebellion knew it. It may sound like a fairy tale but that is because the fairy tales are based on this event found in Genesis chapters 1-3. All cultures contain a concept of this struggle between good and evil. The truth is Adam and Eve screwed up by trading God’s perfect creation for the lie that they would become as wise as God. Men have strived to have full knowledge of their world ever since. 

    It probably doesn’t seem like such a big deal to eat a piece of fruit God told you not to, but it set into motion a force that permeated all of creation. It is the law of sin and death. In fact the first human death was a murder. This then is the earth we created. God did have a back up plan and that was a covenant and that was Jesus.

    Knowing God’s will for your life includes Jesus, but He will also reveal to you His choices for you on a day to day basis. Click here to find out more about Knowing the Will of God.


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