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According to legend, the eagle soars nearest to the Creator and bears His Message to all.

Bearing the Message of the Creator

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Favorite Homeschool Picks

Handbook of Nature. Excellent resource for nature study. Complete lessons will teach you how to create your own studies.

McGuffey Readers. Classic because they are proven to work. We especially love the Third and Fourth Readers. Be sure to get the Parents' Teaching Guide.


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Thank you for visiting Flying Eagle Publications. We're glad you stopped in. Please feel free to browse through our materials. We develop lessons for youth group and small group use for churches and homeschool, and also Christian historical fiction and children's books. Our Video page contains teaching tips and bits from behind the scenes. Check out the Free Resources page and our Blog. Enjoy!

Parenting the Wholehearted Child...

A tool for parents to keep their focus on God's grace.

Tiger and Tom. Character Classics. Effortless read-aloud that children will remember. This is storytelling with a purpose from an era when responsibility and duty were expected.

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